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Starting from the first day of Coronavirus appearance, TTC closely follows the occured situation. It is very sorrowfully for us to hear about new cases and deaths every day. That is why it is important for us to search for possibilities to protect you and people you love from the virus.

Since 2003, TTC has been active in the engineering production. The company has a working area of 10,000m2 with 100 working staff. TTC continues to grow rapidly and gives an importance to the quality in its business. Due to long years’ experience combined with its high quality and high technology products, TTC works for satisfaction of its customers.


Fixed Disinfection System

Disinfecting Jet Spray System

Semi-Mobile Disinfection System

Vehicle Disinfection System

Local Production

100% made by Turkish engineers and employees

1 year of Warranty

1 year of warranty for all products

European Quality

Made in accordance with European quality

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